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The Fresnel lens from the lantern room is on display at the nearby Fort Morgan Museum

Executive Profile
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Donna Coleman


Donna Coleman is President/CEO of Middle Bay Solutions, Inc., and has been working in the Information Technology and Engineering Services Industry for more than 30 years. Donna has a Bachelor of Science degree from Athens State University and has held a number of leadership positions within her community. Before starting Middle Bay Solutions, her professional work experience included the following positions: Product Marketing and Technical Support manager for Intergraph Corporation, Director/VP of Marketing for Sword Microsystems, VP of Marketing and Business Development for Palladia Systems and Deputy Business Development Manager and Small Business Advocate for SAIC Corporation.

Ms. Coleman has held a number of leadership positions within her community including the 2009 Huntsville Chamber of Commerce Leadership Class 22, Marshall Prime Contractor Supplier Council Chairperson, Marshall Small Business Executive Leadership Team Chairperson, and serving on the Board of Directors for several local non-profit organizations. 

Ms. Coleman resides in Madison, Alabama and is married with two sons.

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